May 17, 2009

Where'd the weekend go?

Ok, seriously, who stole my weekend? I had it here a minute ago but's gone!!!

I know weekends always go quickly but I swear sometimes they're gone in the blink of an eye and I'm left wondering...what'd we do for 2 days?

According to the photos...nothing too exciting.  Saturday was football, Timmy looked horrible still so we kept him home.  But Johnny got to play quite a bit, even getting to get in at center for a good part of the game.  He's definitely not going to be MVP or anything but he's having fun and getting exercise and meeting other kids.
Afterwards, Grampa N took Johnny for some breakfast at  McDs.
Then we just did a bunch of playing.

Today we went to the park for several hours but there's no pics because I didn't take the camera.  Just went and played and played.  Played in the sand.  Pushed kids on the swings.  And did a bunch of other things I've never seen at other parks.  I LOVE this park, unfortunately its a good 30 minute drive.  

Oh and I did drag the older boys out for some photos but they were soooo uncooperative.  I'll post a couple after they're edited.



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