May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday 5-18-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week!

From sunny's that time again for a rousing round of Not Me! Monday, where I will share all the things that have not been done this week because I'm just entirely too good to make mistakes!

This week did NOT start with all clear for #3 son's ear infection and end with one for #1 son.  My kids are all healthy, all the time.

And therefor, I did NOT keep #1 son home from football and Sunday School only to decide that after running around the yard for a couple hours that maybe he was Ok to take to a park.  And he did not end that trip crying in the backseat because his ear hurt.  Nope, not me, I'm the quintessential Dr Mom.  Always knowing exactly what's going on with my kids health and what's appropriate for them to do activity wise based on that.

I have NOT woke up more than one morning this week to find #3 son's diaper had leaked in my bed.  I have not concluded that my once loved Luvs are just not working for this kid.  This of course, is not at all my fault.  I mean I don't take a diaper with me to bed each night and he doesn't wake up at least once every night so that I COULD actually change him to avoid this problem, I mean, if it WERE a problem.

I did NOT drag sons 1 and 2 across the street while son #3 slept on Saturday to try and figure out "fill flash" in full sun conditions.  Not me, because I've got that all mastered.  So I did NOT once get completely annoyed with their uncooperativeness and end up giving up in defeat.  I am NOT a quitter.  And I did NOT get a couple shots that I love, just cuz their my kids, even if they are technically imperfect shots.

I did NOT attend my first flag football game.  Where I did NOT forget to bring a drink as asked by the coaches.  I was NOT at all surprised by the intensity of some of the parents.  And I at NOT point chuckled at son #2's obvious un-athleticism but complete unawareness of it.  I am never amused by children's lack of skill, I always think my kids are all-stars.  I therefore,  did NOT get at all excited when he got to play center.  

I did NOT decide that cleaning out my van would have to be a two part venture.  I of course keep it clean at all times.  There is NO way that part 1 could have found

  • one photo backdrop (10x20)
  • one backdrop stand
  • one set of photo lights
  • a box of photo props
  • misc other photo props (all still new) that ended up filling a good sized tote
  • Christmas gifts we received
  • items I had purchased to give to the kids for Christmas (including a movie, books and a dominoes game)
  • Easter baskets
  • baseball gloves, not seen since last fall
  • a baby gate bought months ago, before "baby" was mobile
  • the projects from Home Depot
  • a children's electric guitar, guitar stand and mic
  • some baby clothes (size 3-6 months) received when that size MAY have fit him
  • some girl baby clothes that I bought at a friends garage sale before knowing if "baby" was going to be a boy or girl (please don't do the math on that one, considering "baby" is almost 16 months old)
  • empty juice boxes, misc other wrappers, happy meal boxes
  • 2 bags full of misc, mostly dirty clothes
I did NOT consider taking a photo of the above mentioned mess and then decide it was just too embarrassing.  I did NOT later consider that had I taken these photos they may have made for a good Ad for minivans cargo space :)

While at a park yesterday, where we (OK son #1) had actually remember to take our own sand stuff, I did NOT give son #2 one warning that if he left his stuff unattended it would be swiped, after explaining this on the way to the park.  After said warning I did NOT simply let him walk away from his shovel only to have another mom point it out to her child who then ran off with it.  When son #2 returned just a second later and asked if I'd grabbed his shovel, I did NOT briskly tell him, no, some little kid did.  This tactic did NOT blow up in my face since he did not care at all!  


I did NOT just wash #3 hair in the sink here at work.  This was NOT was because 'someone' brought him here with a ton of toothpaste in his hair!  He and son #2 are not at the office with me so that dad can take son #1 to the Dr for his ear infections.  That would be silly, right? 



  1. I know what you mean about the messy car! I have gotten to the point where I have to clean mine out once a week or the mess takes on a life of it's own! I usually find an entire school of goldfish crackers and various other discarded snack items. Cups that have rolled under the seats, not to be rescued by the kids, and various toys. By the time I get all that stuff out I don't have the energy to actually CLEAN the car!

  2. Love you blog and your Not Me's. For 10 years I had 3 boys and then my daughter came along =)
    I'd like to invite you and all MckMama's readers to visit my blog tommorrow for a refreshing follow-up to Not Me Monday. It's called Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Stop by my blog tomorrow and play along. All you need is a post about all the GREAT things you've done over the last week. It'll be fun to leave our not-so-pretty moments behind on Monday and celebrate our fantasticness on Tuesday. Hope you can play!
    Leah @

  3. once again, i love your NMMs lol im petty sure i say that every week, but its true :) AND i love the pictures!!! such handsome boys and nice scenery :) OH and dont even worry about your car (well except for those baby GIRL clothes haha that made me a little worried--im kidding of course) because i've done the same exact thing NUMEROUS times. i have my nieces every weekend and my car gets HORRIBLE like that too...and i sometimes DO take pictures of what i salvaged from my little car hahahaha so i feel you on that one :) xoxo megan

  4. Wow, how could that all fit in one vehicle?? Thanks for visiting my blog, I noticed my link was broken so I thought I linked twice, I will check again. Your boys are adorable and your pictures look beautiful to me!

  5. I did NOT notice a cobweb in my van last week and wonder about it. I have not completely ignored the cobweb since I first saw it. My son has not told me about a spider in my van for 2 months now. The cobweb is most certainly not from that spider my son saw.

  6. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I just love the Not Me Mondays...its so fun!

  7. Every picture I take is (not) technically imperfect LOL Great post!

  8. I am constantly cleaning out the van and find new treasures everytime!!!!!

    Your pics are fabulous!


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