Jun 20, 2009

Another Year in the Books

We made it through another year of VBS!!  We parted water and survived the plagues...
It was another great year.  But man are we all wiped!

Bryan slept until 11am today when I decided he had to wake up.  And now he's back down for a nap, the first since last Sunday.  There's a lot going on today that we're missing out on but I'm hoping keeping them home today will get us back on track and hopefully we can have a good day tomorrow.

Last night we left the closing program early to make it to Flag Football, because the game was rained out last Saturday and rescheduled for Friday night. We got there, trudged through the muck to get to the field and then turned right around to get back in the car as the lighting started.  As we pulled in the driveway the sirens went off.  So we headed for the basement for a bit...that's always fun since our semi finished basement hasn't been semi useable in a good two years.  But luckily it cleared quickly.  But man have we gotten the rain this week.  I noticed this morning that a majority of the baseball fields are at least partly under water now. 

So this morning I took the older boys and finally had their last football game.  Johnny's team won by a ton and ended up being the first place team for their age group.  So they'll be having a team bowling party some time soon.  And everyone got a participation medal and treats from Culvers.  Still not sure if we'll do football again or not.  

But for now I'm gonna put my feet up and relax with the big boys for a bit!


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  1. Our VBS is coming up as well. I am looking forward to it. This would be my 2nd time taking part.


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