Jun 17, 2009

Half Way

We're more than half way through the week and we're surviving...barely, I think but we are.
It is amazing how much 3 1/2 hours of VBS can do someone...from the very young to the...not so young.  Everyone in our house is wore out.  Bryan is having a blast but ending up exhausted because they have to leave the house just about the time he usually goes down for a nap and he will NOT nap anywhere but his own bed, and occasionally in the car if he's really tired.  Last night was especially rough because he freaked out when I went to get him out of the car, so we let him sleep a little while.  He was still very unhappy when I woke him a bit later (so he wouldn't wake up and be up all night) and stay fussy until he was supposed to be going back to sleep.  Then he stayed up past 9:30. 
The bigs guys are also having a good time but as much as they deny it and still fight going to sleep at night, they're feeling it to.
But even mom and dad are feeling it.
If there was any doubt about that, it was cleared up when I went to see why story time was going so long and found this....



  1. We have the same problem with M not napping anywhere. That's what made our trip so rough. We kept thinking, this child HAS to fall asleep at some point, lol! Oye. Adorable pic.


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