Jun 10, 2009

On the mend...?

Well I'm at least hoping that all is getting better.  I ended up with a very odd swollen area on my neck (under my chin) Monday evening.  So yesterday morning I finally gave in and I went to the ER because the swelling was pretty severe and my family was starting to worry that it'd end up cutting off my airway.  I drove myself since, I'm almost always told to just keep doing what I've been doing or at most given a script.  First thing the did was a Strep test.  That in itself was interesting.  I've actually never had one before and while I admit they didn't look FUN when my kids had them I didn't except  my gag reflex make me almost want to vomit on the poor nurse.  Luckily for her, I didn't!  After awhile she came back and congratulated me on my first Strep infection ever!  Woohoo, I AM a lucky girl.  So I figured, that would be the end of it, they'd give me a script and I'd be out.
But the Dr didn't think they should write of the large swollen second chin as part of the Strep.  She ordered and IV with an antibiotic and then a CAT scan.  The CAT scan was an interesting experience.  When the lady told me the dye they'd use might make me feel like I had to pee, she should have actually said it would make me feel like I HAD pee'd.  But aside from that weird sensation, was quick an painless.  And while the Dr did warn me a of possible serious/scary result that would require surgery, the CAT scan came back looking good.  The Dx was cellulitis which is fairly serious if left untreated so it's good I went.  And they gave me a second IV antibiotic.  A stronger one, to cover me incase the cellulitis was a drug resistant strain.  And sent me home with 2 Rx's to fill with orders to come back IMMEDIATELY IF anything worsened and to be back in 24 ours to be rechecked.

So I just got back from my recheck.  Normally, I'm not a good one about going for rechecks because I'm confident that since I feel better I AM better.  And while I feel WAY better today because all the strep symptoms are all but gone, the cellulitis hadn't seemed to change at all, or possibly have spread a bit.  So I actually went back.  And gee, I'm so glad I did, so they could tell me...well, it has only been a day...and we're not sure what it looked like yesterday...come back tomorrow if it's not considerably better!  Yeah, and people can't figure out why I hate going to the Dr!!

###edited to add###
Since a couple people have asked I figured I'd add that cellulitis is a soft tissue infection (staph infection but without an open sore).  More than likely, it wasn't FROM the strep but happened because I'd put off the strep for awhile and my immune system was vulnerable to other infection.  Had I not got it treated it can actually spread and become a life threatening infection.  
But within the last few hours,  the swelling has gone down so I will go to the Dr tomorrow and from there should be fine!!  


  1. Bless your heart! And I thought my bronchitis was bad!

  2. (((Lisa))) Hang in there girl.

  3. I hope tomorrow you are better and the swelling has gone down.

  4. jeeze louise, what a mess!! glad you finally gave in and went to the hospital! over here its actually the oppposite...when somethings (seriously) wrong and i tell my mom i HAVE to go to the hospital, she wonders if its really 'that bad' to warrant a trip there.... then EVERY time i've gone its been something serious or i've needed surgery! lol.

    what in the world is cellulitis tho? i mean i know itis is inflammation, so does it literally mean inflammation of the cells? i dont get it... why would that happen (from strep?) what would happen/how could it get worse?

    lol sorry for the questions! just curious! hope you're hangin in there sweets ;) xoox megan

  5. my goodness! I'm glad you finally got some medical attention! Hope you get better very quickly!

  6. Glad you gave in when you did - isn't it AMAZING that we would NEVER let our kids/grandkids go as long (w/serious stuff)as we do w/ourselves?!?!? Cellulitis isn't anything to play around with - no matter what area of the body you get it in. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Goodness! I'm glad you're on the mend. :-)


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