Jul 23, 2009

Buy something beautiful and help a beautiful little boy!

For awhile now I've been stalking the Internet checking out handmade jewelry in search of some family jewelry that isn't cheesy looking. In my searching I have found literally the most unique charm ever at Imprecious.com. This is one of a kind beyond anything else. As unique as your fingerprint! Because each charm is made from impressions of your (or your loved ones) finger prints.
As great as this idea is for mom's to create from their children's finger prints (which I will probably eventually do too) I decided I had to have one these made, but with my mom's prints.

My kit arrived yesterday and I'll be taking it with me Saturday and having her do the impressions. And then it will take a few weeks to get my charm back but it will be something I will have forever, a real tangible reminder of the impression she has left on my heart.

And if this beautiful, unique creation isn't enough to have you "running" to the Imprecious website, if you order here, not only do you get the beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings but you'll get a special heart charm AND you'll be helping this gorgeous little two year old boy, who's fighting leukemia. Right now, Robin, the owner of Imprecious is donating 25% of your purchase to Ezra's fund!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think of all the great gifts you could get for mom's, grandma's etc etc and at same time give a gift to Ezra and his family!

To learn more about Ezra you can visit his blog by clicking this photo:

And be sure to let Robin, know what a great thing she's doing!!


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