Aug 12, 2009

Big, Bigger, Biggest

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to book all three of my boys for an appointment at the Dr at the same time. Sure it saved me driving time, but other than that...? Yet I'm pretty sure I'll do it again. What can I say, I love to punish myself. But honestly, other than the cramped room and the noise level it wasn't THAT bad. Luckily, we didn't really have any concerns about any of them and the Dr saw nothing that really needed to be talked about at length. THAT would have been hard. But I suppose I shouldn't complain because none of the 8billion decibel noise level was screaming of the negative variety. There were some high pitched squeels as Bryan played "ready, set, go" from between the bed and sink or "talked" on my phone. But other than Bryan's protest to Johnny sitting on my lap everyone was pretty darn happy.
They also happen to be pretty darn big!

Bryan was in for his 18 month check up. He now tips the scales at 31 pounds which places him at the 95% on their charts. But hey, at least he's back ON the chart. He's almost has a flat line of growth on the weight side in the last 6 months so hopefully he'll start to stretch out and look more like his brothers (width wise) and less like his momma. He's 33 1/2 inches tall, which puts him between 75-90%. Which is right where he's been. So he IS thinning out, which we knew, now that he's on the run. Everything else with him seems right on track. We will be keeping a slightly closer eye on his speech, just in case, because Johnny is in Speech Therapy. But he is currently on track, but isn't at the point where he "should" be making the sounds that Johnny stuggles so much with. He also got 2 shots which he did VERY bravely. He was just about to cry after the second one when everyone told him he was done and what a good job he did so he composed himself.

Johnny was there for his 5 year old/Kindergarten physical. He is holding on to his same height/weight numbers. He' 47 3/4 inches and 47.2 pounds. They don't give you percentages after 18months but showed up on the chart that he is still in the 90% range I think. So he's a pretty big guy too but also still thinning out. Everything is right on track with him. Johnny too got 2 shots and actually went before Bryan, but only after being asked if he could be brave as to not scared Bryan. He did GREAT! He also had a blood test which is done from a finger poke. Now I HATE blood draws but I'm not convinced that way is any less torturous as they sqeeze and sqeeze for what seems like forever to get enough blood out. He got a little frustrated with that but still did very well, I think.

Timmy was there for his annual visit and got his Cub Scout paper work filled out. He is continuing to sprout like a weed. He's 49 3/4 inches and his weight was down a little since last month even but I think they rounded it up from 47. something to 48 to make me feel better. The Dr said he's not concerned about the weight since he eats like a horse. It seems he likely has just gotten lucky enough to have his dad's crazy metabolism and the increase in activity being summer is shedding weight. (We won't talk about how quickly his dad dropped a bunch of pounds just by being out and cutting the grass. :::grumble, grumble:::)

So that's it. Everyone is growing like it's some sort of race. Which I knew based on my food and clothing expenses. But since all my pleading with them to just slow down and not grow up so fast aren't working, I guess I may just get on board and enjoy it!



  1. They do grow up so fast. How do they jump a whole pant size in like 3 months? Crazy. I am buying all new sizes too.

  2. WTG boys! And wtg momma on taking them all at once, lol! (I can't believe B has 10lbs on Mad!)


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