Aug 19, 2009

I Ain't Playin'

Have you ever seen the campaigns on children's TV channels about having a weekly game night? I love the idea! I keep thinking we're going to do it. Growing up my mom and I had a Friday night routine of ordering a pizza, renting a movie and then we usually played Life or Monopoly. It seems easy enough, the idea of a weekly family game night. But we simply aren't that organized. Or at least I must not be. Unless its a schedule set by someone else, I simply don't stick to it.

But...I do haphazardly do game time with the kids. I LOVE playing games. I recently found the site Winning Moves Games and was reminded of a game I used to LOVE when I was younger. I remember many an hour spent playing Pass the Pigs with my father. It was a hysterical game!! I think I will have to order it before Christmas to play when we get together. Or maybe as a gift...yeah I don't think they read my blog!?!
But when great people from Winning Moves offered to let me try one of their games, I took their recommendation and tried one that's new for them; Cir*Kis.

From the website:
Cir*Kis is the newest, and best, piece-placing game. You'll score by completing circles and stars on the eye-catching game board. Plan ahead and you could earn a free turn to place another piece an score big!

Cir*Kis wins the Grand Prix du Jouet in France! The Creative Child Award in the US!!

Watch a video demo!
Additional Information
Ages: 8 and up
Players: 2 to 4
Contents: Dimensional plastic game board unit, 4 sets of 20 colorful playing pieces, 4 scoring pegs and illustrated instructions.

When I saw the 8 and up age, I thought maybe Timmy would be able to catch on but was pleasantly surprised by how well they both did. I would say that this game can be handled by 5 or 6 and up if they're good game players. I guess they probably didn't catch on to the planning ahead part but I think doing stuff like this helps them to learn those skills. I also wouldn't recommend it for kids who get frustrated easily. But other wise this game gets two big thumbs up from us. It really was fun. It was basically NO setup aside from me reading the directions. *Just be sure to read ALL the directions before you start. The closest thing I can compare Cir*Kis to would be dominos. Obviously its not exactly the same but its the same sort of idea of being able to "see" the board and play to set yourself up for another play. Although I helped the boys when they got stuck to find a move, they really did well. In fact...they beat me!! Its a funny, fairly quick moving game. It's a relatively quick play, but the directions give you options if you want to make it play longer. For us it was the perfect length though. And the boys are already bugging me to play again.

Now I just need to get another large cabinet for games since we're getting more games but aren't really ready to let go of the older ones....

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  1. We do the Friday night family night. It is not always a game, it might be a movie or this summer we spent a lot of time outside. Our favorite game is Uno Attack. My kids are still little so this one works great for teaching colors and numbers. I will have to check out Cir*Kis... sounds like a fun game.


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