Aug 18, 2009

One of those days....

Ever have one those days?

You know, where you wake up and realize you have 10 minutes until you need to be out the door. Then head to the bathroom to find Noah and his ark must have recently passed through. After taking the time to find out that the lake now filing your bathroom is a result of one child's attempt to wake his older brother so he wasn't bored, you return to the bathroom to find that somehow the clothes you had intended to wear for the day that were left in the bathroom (as to not wake everyone when I get ready) were also soaked in the great flood of 2009.
Gathered your composure to finish getting ready for work and make it, only a couple minutes later. Only to find that somehow during the night, your computer has decided to quit without the courtesy of a 2 week notice?

No? Maybe it's just me.

I'd like a do over please!



  1. I have had so had those days... It never fails I have a million things going on and the kids pull something like the great flood... Normally with my three it involves dirt. Why they love dirt so much is beyond me.. Tomorrow is a new day I repeat that over and over!!! It will get better..

  2. LOVED the post... i love the way you word things lol.... im SO sorry this happened tho! :( cheers to a better tomorrow! xoxo megan

  3. Floods... ugh!

    I have a constant flood in my house... his name IS Noah... he was named very well as he loves animals and collects all the animals he can ... and likes to cause floods...


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