Aug 22, 2009

Posing Preview

I had the pleasure of taking some senior portraits for two beautiful young ladies! We took a ton of shots both inside and out! Here is a small sneak peek at few of the indoor ones.



  1. She is so pretty and they look great! I think i like the ones on the black the best. The chair one is my fav!

  2. I love them, L! I think the only critique would be to see if you can crop out some of the negative space above the girl on the chair. (Just being super picky...I got the same suggestion several times on ILP, lol!) But I'm sure she'll love it the way it is.

    I love the black background. Is that a backdrop or do you do is ps? I'm shooting the twins on friday (finally!) and want a black background but wondering if I can do it in ps.


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