Sep 14, 2009

Celebs: The Good, The Bad and the Sad

I have fought off any previous temptations to chime in on any celebrity chitchat.  But today I'm just horrified by some, encouraged by some and heartbroken by others.

I'm not one to watch awards shows.  Not that I'm claiming to be watching or doing better things with my time.  I just don't enjoy the typical awards show.  The clip of Madonna's speech that I witnessed exemplified everything that I can't stand about awards shows.  Somehow celebrities seem to be able to make literally EVERYTHING about them somehow.  But last night I watched the comments of Facebook and Twitter begin to fly and I couldn't wait to see what in the world Kanye had done to Taylor Swift.  If by chance you've missed it.  Kanye, who I've felt was a self absorded egomaniac who lacked the slightest bit of class long before this event, literally stole the microphone from Taylor Swift, an adorable teenage country singer, while she was in the middle of her super sweet acceptance speech.  He felt compelled to share that he felt that Beyonce's video was the best video ever at that exact moment to the shock and horror of Beyonce and the whole audience.  While the shots of him on the red carpet show he was definitely hitting the bottle it is simply not enough of an excuse no matter how drunk he may have been.  If you consider yourself and artist you need to have respect for your fellow artists. 
Add to that the fact that the historicly wonderful video Kanye was ranting about was Single Ladies....I'm sort of baffled!  I LOVE the song Single Ladies.  It's catch as can be.  And if we're judging videos based on their parody possibilities then yes her video was the best video of the centry.  But aside from that, I don't think its ground breaking...?
In case you haven't seen the video, check it out here.  
And even better is the parody:

And here's Taylor Swift's video.

Luckily Beyonce restored a bit of my faith in celebs by using her moment on stage after winning in a different category to let Taylor come back out for a second try!!!!!!!  

And the tonight, while in a meeting at church someone I was with received a text that Patrick Swayze had passed away.  I'm not one to usually be affected by celebrities passing but this one does touch me.  I LOVED Patrick Swayze.  Dirty Dancing and Ghost will forever be in my top 10 all time favorite movies.  He was ultra talented but always seemed to be such a genuinely good person.  Then he began a very hard but, at least as a bystander, a short battle with Pancriatic cancer.  To see such a strong man be taken down by that horrible disease is heartbreaking!  My thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight!!!!!



  1. I am so sad about Patrick. He will be missed by so many.

    I don't watch the VMA's either but I heard they were horribly inappropriate for the target audience. Sad.

  2. I did not watch the VMA's either but it has been on the radio non stop and tv. I do like the guy before he did all this and now just shows what kind of person he really is. Also this morning on the new was a tribute to Patrick he will be missed and was a wonderful actor. I loved Point Break and Dirty Dancing those were my two favorite Patrick movies of all time....


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