Sep 16, 2009

Scooby Dooby Do, Where Are You?

Do you have a Scooby fan in your house?

I have THREE! So they were SUPER excited when we received this package from Warner Bros

We have always been a fan of the Scooby fruit snack and Scooby Macaroni & Cheese so those got gobbled up quickly. Bryan claimed the plush Scooby. And much to Timmys dismay the Scooby Crocs fit Johnny perfectly. And I have to admit I'd like a pari. I love crocs but these crocs are too cute! Even the Croc haters can't hate Scooby, right? So poor Timmy claimed the movie but of course has to 'share.'

As if these Scooby products aren't great enough on their own, they now come with Zoinks Points which can be used to unlock games, wallpapers and interactive storybook at And there are literally tons more products available with ZoinksPoints. One specific product I noticed is the Scooby game for the VTech V-Smile. We have VSmiles and I LOVE them so I think I'll be adding the Scooby game to my Christmas list. (You know, not MY list, but the list of things I, I mean Santa, will be shopping for!)

My kids are also a fan of online games but soooo many of them require a subscription fee so as a mom on a tight budget I appreciate every website that gives my kids FREE online opportunities.

Use this special code to unlock a sampling of content on the scoobyfan



  1. Cool! Stunt man loves some scooby!

  2. This is great my son just now started watching Scooby.. he was scared before but he told me "Mom I am five now I can watch Scooby and I love it"... I am not sure what being five has to do with it but okay....
    Thanks for the link.


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