Sep 1, 2009

Kick Cancer's Ass

Sorry if the language offends but if you've ever had a loved one battle cancer, you understand the need for the strong language. Cancer is an unrelenting opponent who demands nothing less than every ounce of a person to fight.

I recently saw an ad for Imprecious truly custom silver jewelry and instantly knew I HAD to get at least one charm.

When I contacted Robin, owner of Imprecious, she asked if I'd be open to helping spread the word about a fundraiser she was working on. I think I'd have said yes no matter what the cause because of the beauty of her jewelry but then I read about Ezra. The simple thought of a child having cancer breaks my heart. But when you consider how young, adorable little Ezra is, I can't even imagine the heartbreak for him family. To watch such a little one endure all that goes with cancer treatments etc when he can't possibly understand what's going on or why he's having to go through it. It literally makes me cry!

The very generous Robin felt the need to use her gorgeous designs to give back and teamed up with Ezra's mom to raise money for Ezra's cancer fund. Robin, if giving 25% off every sale made here, to the fund AND you will get an extra tiny heart charm to show your support for Ezra. So you can buy the most unique and beautiful charm made from your loved ones finger print and for no extra charge you get an extra charm AND a portion of your purchase goes to a great cause!

How can you pass this up??

These charms would make amazing Mother's Day, Birthday or just because gifts for moms, grandmas, or anyone else. Everyone I've showed my charm to thinks it beautiful and many have gotten teary eyed when I explain exactly what it is.

I wanted one of my mom's fingerprints as a physical reminder of the symbolic fingerprints she has left on my heart whether she is with me or not. But these charms are perfect for little tiny finger prints and even paw prints.
I can't wait to see photos of more people's charms, so hurry and go order one. Robin is so wonderful to work with. When you place your order she'll send you a tin with the materials you'll need to get the fingerprint impression that she uses to make the charm. It will take you a couple minutes and then you just toss it back into the prepaid envelope she includes. Within a couple weeks you'll have a truly one of a kind charm like no other I've ever seen.



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