Sep 22, 2009

The price of FAME

Well, that's it, it seems I can't go out without my hat and sunglasses to disguise myself Hollywood style.
photo courtesy of Metro

Yes, fame comes at a cost. And I've obviously hit the big time. Yup, that's right today while Bryan and I were out at lunch with a friend of mine, I was "recognized." As we walked in we both noticed a lady looking at us with that "don't I know you" look. My friend asked if I knew her and I said I didn't think so, I thought maybe she had. So we ordered and as we were getting drinks the lady came up to me and said she thought she knew me from online and didn't I have a blog. I'd like to say I handled it graciously and asked her name etc. But I didn't. Not that I was rude, at least I HOPE I wasn't. I was just seriously shocked and caught of guard. So if you read this, let me know who you are because I'm feeling really bad!!!

My friend probably REALLY thinks I'm crazy now! But she might as well know the truth! :)

So, of course I'm totally kidding about the disguise and I seriously don't expect it to ever happen again...but if it does I'll try hard to handle it better!



  1. That is actually pretty funny! lol. None of my readers (the few there are) are local, so I doubt that would happen to me.

  2. lol LOVED the post lisa!! so hilarious with all the hollywood-style people hiding their faces hahahahahaha. so what exactly DID you say to the person when they confronted u!? *megan*


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