Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

While it hasn't been easy, I'm trying my best to make this Halloween as "normal" as possible.  So last night I went and bought some pumpkins.  For once procrastination pays off as I paid just $3 a piece for them.  Apparently that's not a great deal everywhere but I'm used to paying $7-9 each at the pumpkin farm so this was a pretty darn good deal!  And we carved them.
It was the first time I've ever let the boys yield their own carving tools.  They each did their pumpkin totally on their own!! I'm so proud of them.  They both did great.

Here's they are, Mickey that I did (from a stencil) for Bryan

All three

And today we saddled up and headed off to visit family and friends and did a bit of trick-or-treating, or as Bryan was saying "tweet-o-tweet." (So cute!)

Here are the boys in their costumes.



  1. love the photos and cant wait to get a GOOD camera like you have lol. im QUITE the aspiring photographer and looking at yours and other peoples photos that have nice cameras, I realize how badly mine sucks :( you should see how badly my pictures of lit-up pumpkins turned out :( im jealous of yours lol! love ya lisa! xox Megan

  2. Wow Lis... the boys are looking great, the pics bring back memories of old halloween costumes : ) Hope all is well with you. Take care...


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