Nov 3, 2009

Bugsby Reading System Review

In case it's snuck up on you too, Christmas is almost here. A friend pointed out yesterday it's just 7 weeks away and for some just 4 pay checks away!
I don't know about you but this year I'm being much more intentional about the gifts I'm buying. I'll be honest and say, I probably won't spend any less, but I'm hunting for bargains (already been hitting up eBay) and really planning what I'm going to buy and trying to avoid the crap that only lasts a couple days in our destructive house, or things we don't have room for.
I hope in the next couple weeks to share with you some products that I've been given the chance to try out, that I think would make great Christmas gifts, something for everyone from the kids to adults.

The first being the Bugsby Reading System from vtech.

After winning a twitter contest, I received the Bugsby Pen and Starter Book and two additional books. All of the boys loved it!! They each use it in a different way but all have fun with it. Timmy who's a fluent reader, uses the games which vary in difficulty from easy to a little more challenging. One of the games is sort of like 'hide and seek'. Johnny like the feature where it will read you the whole story with the click of one button, or touching each word to "read" the book himself. I think this is really encouraging him to work on his own reading! And then there's Bryan. He loves finding the things in the pictures that make funny noises!!

The books we have are
Bugsby's Space Adventure
Bugsby and the Magical Museum

But I think Bryan will be getting at least a couple of the other titles, as he literally goes crazy over every one of these characters.
Max & Ruby-The Froggy Prince
Dora The Explorer
Wow Wow Wubbzy
Wonder Pets
Olivia Goes Around the World

So, have YOU started thinking about Christmas yet?



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