Oct 10, 2009

Trying to keep going

This afternoon I took the boys, with some friends, to the pumpkin farm to try and keep from being completely swallowed by the sadness. I know that my mom would be very upset with me if she thought that what's going on was taking away from the boys at all.  So despite the sadness and the COLD, we bundled up and off we went for a rather short trip to the pumpkin farm (so I didn't have to bring home any kidsicles).

Here's some pictures:


  1. I missed your last post somehow. Hugs and prayers for you and your family!

    And those pictures of Bryan are too cute!

  2. love the pumpkin farm pictures! we bundled up and went to the pumpkin farm today too! Skyler was wearing FIVE shirts lol. (cuz they had adorable pumpkin wear and i couldnt let them cover it up with a coat, heaven forbid haha) looks like you guys had fun!!! love ya *megan*


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