Oct 11, 2009

If my head weren't screwed on...

I have to admit that my memory has been fading.  I blamed it on pregnancy brain during each pregnancy but it didn't really improve in between births.  So I just simply am not as sharp in that department as I used to be.  But I have never been the type that lost things...ok, not the important things at least.  I've never lost a pair of glasses, or a cell phone.  And I have never locked my keys in the car (ok a couple times in the house, but not the car).  Yet Friday after a full day of running around with my little "helper" I came home to relax for a minute before picking the older boys up from school to discover I didn't have my cell phone.  I called it and listened for the ring in the house and then again in the car.  NOTHING.  Just before I completely melted down, I decided to call the store we'd stopped at since I had a receipt but didn't expect any luck.  I've become very cynical so I figured if someone found it it was gone.  But lo and behold, the VERY kind manager informed me he had it safely locked in their office after asking me a couple questions to identify it!  Thank you God!  I seriously don't know what I would have done in the current circumstances without a cell phone.
Then this morning as I walked out the door to go to church I went digging for my keys (in purse) and they weren't in there.  Looked for them all over inside the house and decided to check the car but didn't expect to actually find them there.  Not in the ignition.  Not on the front seat.  Then I checked the back seat.  I must have dropped them when I pulled Bryan out of his car seat because there they were IN his car seat.  And wouldn't you know...we don't have a spare!  I fought my urge to simply slink back into bed defeated.  And was able to find out that I could call the police department who would help me out.  Good thing because the alternative would have been walking because no way I could afford a locksmith on a Sunday!!   The community service officer was at my house in less than five minutes.  I had to sign their waiver and I think that took longer than him actually getting my car unlocked.  He really should have been wearing a cape instead of a badge.  Because he was my superhero this morning!! 

I really hope this the end of my self inflicted difficulties like this because I don't think I can handle anymore.  They say God only gives you what you can handle...but no one ever said you only do to yourself what you can handle, ya know?

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  1. Oh man! That sounds like me - all kinds of crazy! I have been feeling very scatterbrained lately!


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