Nov 23, 2009

BEWARE! Wolves spotted in the area.

BEWARE! Wolves spotted in the area.

This is what was on a billboard just before we reached the stadium yesterday to watch the Chicago Wolves hockey game. Timmy read it outloud and I didn't think much of it. Until much later when he said out of nowhere "I get the joke." This struck me as extremely funny because one, I always find it funny when someone's light bulb finally goes off, and two, because Timmy is a pretty sharp kid who's gotten word plays and sarcastic humor for a long time. Three hours later he was still marveling at this fantastic billboard as we headed home after a great game. The boys first hockey experience. One fight. Many penalties (or timeouts as Timmy called them). Two autographs. Three hotdogs. One win. And LOTS of smiles.

And a few photos...

why, yes, yes it is!

pregame intros

warming up before the game

the fight!

some litte guys playing

dad with his new hockey fans

me and my "big" boys


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  1. From the title of your post, I thought for sure this was about New Moon!

    Glad you had fun. Only one fight?


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