Nov 20, 2009

Bill Cosby was right!

Anyone else remember Bill Cosby's stand-up routine about kids being brain damaged. Before having kids of my own I thought his routine was funny but not I find it undeniable true too! Of course, I know my kids are not in fact brain damaged and I'm sure this post may even offend someone. But hey that routine was from WAY back in the 80s when it was still ok to say stuff like that. And I guess I haven't fully evolved since then.

But anyway, tonight I'm just pondering the...oddities of child behavior. You see I sit here, 20 minutes after my children have "gone to bed" and listen to them whine in a tone that makes me want to rip my own ears off and put them down the garbage disposal (if I actually had one) just so I can't hear it. Whining, because they are thirsty. Now mind you, just 20 minutes before they were sent to bed they were each given a nice full glass of milk which I lovingly poured for them. Which they promptly each took one quick sip of and put away. When I reminded them both of the impending bedtime and how I would have none of their complaints for a drink as soon as I declared it time for bed, they both said they weren't thirsty. Now, it's an entirely different story with a lack of hydration bordering near death if you took them at their desperate cries. Oh they make me so crazy sometimes!!!

But it's been a long week for all of us I guess. Hoping tomorrow is a fairly mellow day then Sunday we're taking the older two to their first hockey game. To be honest, I almost feel wrong taking them to something where I'm sure to become completely wrapped up in the completely unnecessary but thoroughly entertaining violence. Ah well, we'll call it a rite of passage. And anyway its "Scout" night there so the place will be fill with other young boys being indoctrinated in the world of knocked out teeth.

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  1. I love that Bill Cosby routine! And yes, I have found it to be true. My kids do seem brain damaged at times.

    Hockey games are much more interesting when there are lots of good fights! Have fun!


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