Nov 12, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

So we all know there is VERY little truth in advertising these days. But I take great joy when soemthing really lives up to my expectations. But last night Ringling Brothers (or dingaling brothers as Timmy thought it was) blew so far past my expectations I can't even believe it!
I went to the circus many times as a kid and even took my stepson a few years ago all to Ringling Brothers. But I don't know if its because this years's Zing Zang Zoom was a magic infused circus and I have a serious love for magic, but I was truly blown away last night.
A week ago I won tickets through a facebook contest to the event. There was a slight snafu with picking up the tickets so unfortunatly we didn't make it to the preshow that has looked very cool from what I've seen of others photos. But we were given second row VIP tickets, so I call that a small price to pay!
In true Ringling Brothers fashion the show was high energy and there was ALWAYS something going on (even during intermission)! But the combination of the high thrills acts like the high wire and...oh I don't even know what they're called but whatever the guy is doing in my last photo and the amazing magic tricks was AMAZING!!!! I dare you to go and try and figure out how they make an elephant disappear or turn a man into a tiger!?!?!?

So here are my photos (as poor quality as they are because I fear taking my good camera given my upcoming work). Sorry they're so little but I am looking into changing the layout so I can use bigger photos.


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