Nov 12, 2009

Third time's a charm?

You know the saying 'third time's a charm"? Yeah, I don't think who ever came up with that had three kids!! We've obviously pushed our luck with trouble #3!

But I learned something new today that I will share with all of you. You know, store it away in the mom memory bank JIC!

Should your child shove a small item up their nose that you aren't able to pull out:

  1. Hold the child so they're facing you, or have them lay down
  2. Plug the 'clear' nostril with your finger
  3. Blow into their mouth. this take a little effort but keep in mind their size as they will not need a full adult breath
  4. repeat until it pops.

It took my husband a good 8 tries before Bryan's latest "treasure" popped out but this little trick, courtesy of the nurse at our Ped's office, worked. It did NOT make Bryan happy at all! But I'm sure it was less tramatic than having to go to the Ped's office for removal.

Live and Learn! Hopefully Bryan has learned today and won't do it again...but I'm not putting any money on that!



  1. so what in the world was it that was stuck up his nose?? and that's an AWESOME trick... never woulda thought of that! Thankfully I've never had this happen with any of the 14 kids that I babysit regularly! whew! glad to know about this tho and glad he's okay :) p.s. AND if he didnt like this (the blowing up the nose) MAYBE it taught him a lesson and you'll be free of this problem afterall lol ;) *megan*

  2. I used to work for an ENT and it always amazes me how many kids stick things up their noses and in their ears! Great tip...glad it worked!

  3. This happened to one of my brother's three troublemakers and after searching online for the answer, they did the same thing successfully. My brother sent my sister and I an email almost immediately explaining the situation and the solution, you know, in case any of OUR hooligans pulled the same stunt. Trouble in the house grows exponentially with that third child, doesn't it??


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