Dec 21, 2009


Wait a second! How did this happen? How did it get to be the week of Christmas???

AND our first celebration is two days away!! AND I found that!

Ok, I can handle that. I have plenty of time to deal...wait no, really I don't. I work everyday but Christmas and tomorrow night Timmy has Cub Scouts. So I have to wrap presents and do some laundry and pack us all so we can stay with Grampa Christmas Eve. I'm not at all sure how that will actually go. Bryan doesn't sleep well away from his own (ok actually my own) bed. And we'll all be sharing ONE room. I'm not sure if that will help or hinder him. The boys may stay up half (or all) the night but at least if I get everything wrapped before that will help. We've made it a tradition to stay up after the kids are in bed and wrap everything together. Ok maybe we didn't intend for it to be a tradition when it started and we always say we won't do it to ourselves again...but after 8 years, I think its a tradition!
Oh yeah and I have to bake some cookies. Not like from scratch or anything. No pillsbury or tollhouse does the work but I still need a few minutes to actually bake them. Because we need to leave them for Santa, with some chocolate milk, his special request!
Then I have to get the Santa gifts to Grampa's with out the kids seeing them. I need a bigger vehicle! It will be no small feat but I think it will help, or at least I'm really hoping, Grampa deal with the holidays this year. Our hearts will surely be heavy. But I hope the boys smiley faces will help ease the pain...for all of us.

Oh and for those waiting to hear how we handled the Santa situation with Timmy...I haven't updated because much like EVERYTHING I do, I've procrastinated. I can't share how I handled it because I haven't yet handled it. I'll let you know what we do and how it goes though. I promise.


  1. This Christmas has come WAY to fast....

  2. It has come fast! Although I am finished with pretty much everything (shopping, wrapping, etc..) I do need to finish baking which I hope to accomplish tomorrow! And Rylee informed me the other day that we are leaving Santa chocolate milk b/c it's his favorite, lol! GL getting it all done. :)


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