Jan 30, 2010


This week while watching one of our favorites shows, American Idol, my husband questioned what all those people were crying about?  He didn't understand what was to cry about.  Most were crying from disappointment but then one who was sent through cried.  That really threw him.  
What threw me was that he couldn't get this.  I asked if hadn't ever gone for something that he didn't get that left him that disappointed.  He said no.  
Then tonight we watched Rudy.  One of my favorite movies.  When I pointed out that I think this was the first time I've watched it and NOT cried.  He didn't get that either.  He didn't understand what was emotional about that movie.  So again I asked, really you never went for a dream? No.
So am I alone in this.  Having run for student counsel, tried out for a play or team etc and not gotten what we so badly wanted.  OR worked really hard to get something and gotten it.
Or am i overly emotional?
I remember trying out for the basketball team in junior high (yeah that was, cough cough, 19/20 years ago) like it was yesterday.  I can remember doing fair on most skills.  And then being ridiculously slow when it came to suicides, to the point that everyone else felt enough pity that they cheered my on just to finish...in semi Rudy fashion.  And I remember getting in the car and driving home after finding I didn't make the first cut!
But I also remember trying out for the school play in grade school.  It was a small part that I desperately wanted.  I got that and I still remember those couple lines and that feeling.
I remember spending an entire week at college with sorority rush week.  To end up being only one of a handful of girls EVER to not be invited to rush any sorority.  Talk about embarrassing. 
I MAY have cried in all of these situations.
So tell me when have you wanted something so much that you were moved to tears.


  1. This sort of thing happens all the time. Of course, I'm emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat. But, the first thing that comes to mind that I wanted really bad and when it finally came to fruition I cried was meeting my first born. I remember sitting in the hospital room just me and him in the rocking chair crying. Just so thankful for him. Perhaps your husband could relate to this type of moment? Either way, you are NOT alone. I cry for joy and disappointments big and small all the time!

  2. The first one I remember was trying out for JV cheerleader. I didn't make the squad, and was told that I was VERY close, which I think made it worse!

    I was on the basketball team, JV all the way through varsity. If you had made it, you would have had to run those suicides every single day. Be thankful!

  3. Lisa! Great post. Men sometimes just don't get it. I'm emotional too. I remember my sophomore year of high school which was when high school was 10th-12th I tried out for the varsity softball team. I wanted to play varsity soooo bad! I made it! I cried tears of joy. I look forward to following you blog :) Have a great day!

  4. I cry at the drop of a hat. Movies, tv shows, commercials. I cry at the goodness of people. I cry when I feel sympathy and when I feel joy.

    I cried for a dream that I didn't even know I wanted. When my children were born I had no idea how much I had dreamed of them until I saw them and the tears flowed, especially with my first child.

    I actually used to laugh at people who I saw crying in the crowds at concerts. I thought, "Really? Crying at a concert?" Then, recently, I went to a concert for a band that played a pivotal role in my teenage years. The first chords started of a song I had listened to umpteen times and, before I knew it, I was a little choked up. And, then I understood.

    It's super cliche but, I think women are just more emotional than men!


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