Jan 31, 2010

Ready for a change

Heard a great message at church today but yet it still left me sort of wondering.

I know (as does any one who's read this blog for very long) that I'm a fairly cynical person.  And while our pastor preached a message that challenged our church to look inside and question whether we are really fulfilling our call to be disciples OR if we've become too preoccupied with basically entertaining ourselves.  It came at a pivotal time for me as I'm really questioning whether this is where we need to be for our family.  I think there are sooo many wonderful people but I question the direction the leadership has gone over the last several years.  I know I may be biased, as a mom, but I truly believe in my heart that the children/youth of the church should be the most important thing.  But I don't feel that our church feels that.  We have a decent children's program with a few dedicated teachers who are without a doubt changing these kids lives.  But it doesn't seem to be a church wide opinion that these kids are important.  I've heard statistics that only about 20% of believers will become believers after the teen years.  That means that the most critical time has already come and gone once they're adults.  Of course we need to continue to reach out to those adults who haven't heard or accepted the Word.  But really, if we're wanting to make a real difference, we need to realize where our priorities should be.  And then we need to put our money where our mouth is.  We need to quit expecting a few dedicated people to make things work with the very minimum possible.  Then we as adults have to walk to walk.  As much as you hear adults talk about how the church is full of hypocrites, our children are watching and realize these same things.  If we claim to value our faith and our church, yet let other things come first, THAT is the message they really 'hear.'

So here's hoping that some serious introspection WILL be done and that some change will come of it.

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  1. This is a topic some of us (in the church) have been discussing. In fact, we have a children's church meeting tonight to discuss some of these same issues. I will keep your church in prayer, please do the same for mine.


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