Jan 2, 2010

Happy 101

I was given this Happy 101 Award by Tammy. Thanks so much such a great way to start the year!

This one says you must list ten things that make you happy, and then pass it on to ten others.

My top ten...in no particular order
1. my 3 amazing boys!!
2. music
3. photography and photo editing
4. writing and reading blogs
5. good movies
6. my faith
7. a good meal that i didn't have to cook (ok i like even not so good meals I didn't have to cook)
8. massages (at least I assume they still make me happy it's be a long while)
9. my hubby (ok not ALL the time, but enough to keep him around) :)
10. good friends

As for ten friends....seriously I can't imagine picking just ten....I have met so many amazing friends through blogging. And many of my friends also blog. So if you're reading this and you blog...snag it and share. PLEASE. Let me know you did so I can check out what makes you happy.


  1. Too funny, we did the same post today!

    Oh, I didn't think of a massage...that would be heavenly!

  2. LOVE your list. We enjoy a lot of the same things!

  3. I did this already! It was fun!!

  4. I love your list and your blog! I'm glad I discovered it.


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