Jan 4, 2010

Sad, Scary Situation

Have I mentioned I don't live in paradise?

Yeah I have a great family and we're healthy etc, but I mean where I literally LIVE, its far from paradise. There's, of course, the weather. Northern Illinois is not really for wonderful weather. (Fall can be nice but seems to be getting shorter every year.) Today is sunny but a biter 4 degrees with a windchill that'll freeze your nose hairs. If you've ever lived in a cold climate you know what I mean.

But the sad and scary part comes from our very immediate area. In two weeks there has been a kidnapping at gun point (was the two young children's father and kids were returned safely thank God), and two murders. The most recent murder being in a residence we can see from the side walk in front of our house, less than a block down our street!

I decided to do what I could to take some action and reached out directly to our Chief of Police. (side note, he's known my for forever as my father was an office in this department when I was growing up AND we've met recently as my husband and I signed up to be block captains in the Neighborhood watch program that has since fallen apart)
I'm very pleased that he's replied and eased my mind just a tiny but with the info that both victims knew their attackers. But still flying bullets are flying bullets and it scares me. So I will follow up on his request for me to contact him regarding the watch program later this week.

Beyond that, I'll continue praying prayers of protection over my family, keep using our home alarm and keep parading our German Shepard around the yard as often as the weather will allow!



  1. That is scary. It truly can happen anywhere though. Two months ago, a 7yo girl was walking home from school less than two miles from my house. She was abducted, murdered and her body was found in a land fill in Georgia. A few weeks later, less than ten miles in the other direction, a mom got out of the shower to find that her husband (they were going through a divorce) had shot and killed their two kids and himself. And that was in a affluent, gated community.

    The person who killed the little girl has not been caught. It is terrifying. I am suspicious of every man I see. I don't let my kids in the front yard alone, and only let them in the back yard when I can keep a close eye on them.

  2. Wow...so scary. I'll be sending prayers of protection your way.

  3. Our society is getting ridiculous why can't we all just live in peace and love! I'll pray to St. Michael to protect you and your family :)

  4. Hey,
    Wow, scary situation. I'll be thinking/praying for you guys...that's good that you have a German Shepherd and alarm system!

    I live in Upstate NY, so maybe it's not as cold as Northern Ill., but it is cold!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. Very scary. Praying that your neighborhood gets cleaned up and stays safe.


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