Jan 14, 2010

Learn something new everyday.

You know it's true. I still have lots to learn. And today my learning has been done in the area of cell phones.

Androids, Blackberrys, cameras, music players, apps, texts, minutes, data plans...

My head is swimming. But I think I'm getting closer.

Definitely going T-Mobile. And think I'm going with the Motorola CLIQ.I also think I finally remembered that I 'know someone' before I made a final decision or a purchase. I asked for input on phones from some online friends and got a comment from a friend and it totally clicked that she works for a company that may have a way to get a discount. She does!!
Finally, NOT a day late a dollar short. Like when I bought my last vehicle and then went to see my Grandpa who reminded me that he is a retired Chrysler employee who will continue to get one vehicle certificate a year for the rest of his life to get at employee price. Could have saved a couple thousand dollars!! If only I'd thought of it before making the purchase.
So feeling pretty good this time!


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  1. Personally, I love TMobile. If you know someone that uses TMobile all ready you can get them a $25 credit on your account for referring you. You just need to tell them when you are setting it up that they referred you - might need their acct# or cell# so they can get the credit. I told my brother and my parents to do it and I got a $50 credit against my bill.


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