Jan 5, 2010

Look out Cameron, Speilberg and Tarantino!

It seems my middle child, is an aspiring movie director. Obviously, I assume that him being the next James Cameron is as likely as Timmy playing MLB ball, but it's fun to dream. And we're encouraging both of them to follow their dreams. And even if that doesn't end up being a career it can always be a life long love/hobby.
I've done much in my life, and made plenty of mistakes. But honestly the only regrets I have are the things I didn't do. I wish I'd had more confidence to try the things that I loved.

Johnny has been fascinated with all things production related since iCarly started a few years ago. He's wanted to make his own web show for a couple years. But this weekend, he came out of their bedroom after "playing a movie" as they often do and told me when he grows up he'd like to make movies! Tom apparently loves the idea and urged me to order a flip camera (that I've been wanting) and letting him have at it. Actually ordering will have to wait until, you know, we have the money. But I think we will, when we can. Timmy's been wanting to get his hands on a camera so maybe we'll arm one with a photo camera and one with a video camera and see what kind of creative genius they produce! :)
If nothing else, they'll have fun memories!!



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