Jan 29, 2010

My sweet sweet boy

My sweet little baby, has gone and grown up on me. I tried to stop it. But today, he turns TWO!

And he can tell you that too! It's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. But there isn't too much that I don't think is cute about him. (The whining, that I could live with out, and he's sort of been a bully lately and fallen in love with the word "MY" for mine!)

But I'm a little biased so here...you can decide for yourself!

Is this not the cutest two year old ever?


A little about him at two:
This list of words he says is far too long to list entirely but some of the funniest are "America" which is brother taught him and likes to show off like he's his own little trained monkey. And thanks to TV (there's a new show coming out called Kick Buttowski) and a little encouragement from Dad I think, he says Kick Butt. He also now says "sowwy" and will pet you if he can tell he made you mad or hurt you. Well, sometimes at least.
He LOVES trains, Mickey Mouse and watching videos on YouTube (some of his favorites are Bear in the Big Blue House). He loves chocolate milk (which he also says very clearly) and really anything chocolate and "chips" which really means anything in the chip or cracker family.
He also loves our dog "Fophie" but can regularly be found scolding her for being in the kitchen or anywhere near anything that's 'his'.
And as you can tell, he's quite used to my camera and usually won't let it come out of it's case without at least a few pictures of him!



  1. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you

  2. He is such a doll! My youngest will be 2 in a few months...HOW did that happen?

  3. Happy birthday! Must be the day for writing about our precious "2" year olds! I just wrote a post about Miles!! www.heguidesme.blogspot.com

  4. aww those are such cute pictures! he's such a cute lil man and looks WAY older than 2! His birthday is today-jan 29th? Cuz if so that's my grandmas birthday too (your aunt--delphine!) how cool :) happy birthday to him and hope you guys had a fun day with him! xoxo Megan

  5. Wow he's so cute. I love reading your blog. Keep on posting.


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