Jan 28, 2010

Priness Grace

My mom used to call me Princess Grace. I'm pretty sure I know where my tendancy towards sarcasm came from!!

Does this look like the mark of a graceful person??

Yeah, I don't think so either. The other day as I went to leave work I dropped my keys. Apparently for getting my complete lack of coordination, instead of stopping and bending over to get my keys I tried to swiftly scope them up while continuing my stride. All would have been find had my show not stuck on the edge of the (poorly finished) carpet sending me flying while still trying to right myself from grabbing my keys. I flew until my shoulder met the surface mounted metal box for the light switch. I think I literally saw stars, something I've never experienced without hitting my head. I thought I'd find a gaping wound with exposed flash, if not bone. But instead I found just the slightly red mark. But that was 3 days ago and every morning since its looked worse. Today I chose a short sleeve shirt (because you know its t shirt weather here in IL at a balmy 5 degrees without the wind chill) that allows my lovely Technicolor bruise to show depending on how I move my arm. Tonight I'm selling concessions at the school for PTO, I'm now convinced that at least one person will NOT believe my light switch story.


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  1. I too am often referred to as Grace!! I think I walk around with some evidence from my many falls, bumps, burns, cuts, scrapes, etc. about 95% of the time!! Hope it feels better soon:)


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