Jan 10, 2010

Ready or Not!

I don't know if any of us our ready but I think we've been given a bit of us push to move Bryan into a big boy bed of his own. The third room wasn't ready for the bed and so I was curious to see if we could make it fit with the other boys. (I'm not at all convinced that he's going to be down for sleeping solo. But also not convinced that ANY of them will get any sleep with them all together.) But just in case they don't do well with it, we're waiting to try it at night until Friday so if they stay up til all hours they won't be draggin at school. But we'll try him taking naps during the day this week.
It's pretty squishy in their room now but then we'll set the other room as a play room. One step at a time I guess.
Priorities you know! We have DirectTV coming tomorrow to get HDTV and a DVR. We were given a beautiful HDTV for Christmas but aside from movies the picture isn't too great. But Tom's really the HD guy. I'm dying for the DVR!! You know, cuz I don't watch enough TV as it is!!


  1. Ooh DVR is going to be my gift to myself all year long this year - cause I always miss parts of some of my favorite shows if I don't miss them all together.

    Good luck getting the boys all sleeping together. Our youngest son is 18 mos and he has his own room and I want to keep it that way. I think if I put him with the older boys he would develop their bad sleep habits. I am hoping that one of them, some day, will sleep through the night, lol!

  2. GL with the move! Last night was the second night of Maddie in Rylee's room. Although I ended up in there with her in the middle of the night, I'm hoping that over the next couple weeks, she'll be ok. I'll miss her in my bed though. :*(


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