Jan 27, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays 1-27-10

Julia from SweetasPunkinPie hosts a weekly blog carnival for moms which I'm particularly partial to as a working mom!! Stop by here blog and join in the fun!

This week's question:
What one (or two, or three, or four....) household chores do you loathe?

Well, the list of household chores I enjoy would probably be a much shorter list!!!
I don't mind sweeping, vaccuming isn't the wortst but I hate mopping/scrubbing the floors. I've been known to spot clean using a baby wipe and my foot on more than one occasion.

Laundry isn't my favorite way to spend an evening, and wouldn't be bad at all if I had a first floor laundry area. But I still detest matching socks. I typically don't do it. I will either ask hubby to do it or simply throw the pile of partnerless socks in the drawer. That's a fun game to play first thing in the morning anyway, right?? Oh I also don't iron. Well, on some rare rare occasion but typically items that would need ironing don't make it into our house, or if they do they don't stay long.

I'm not one to particularly like cooking but since we DO like to eat, I muddle through...but I HATE cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes. This is why I'm very unearth friend in our almost constant use of paper plates.

This makes me sound pretty lazy but really liking it or not, I did do it all (and fairly well) when I was home full time. Now...well, I'm the queen of excuses so just go ahead and pick one...



  1. HA! i love this post. i love that us working moms can use "work" as an excuse to put household chores aside!

  2. Great post! Your housekeeping sounds a lot like mine! We have a sock basket! It's like a daily scavenger hunt! ;)


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