Feb 24, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I tell ya, I don't typically feel like I'm an indecisive person but sometimes a simple decision is just impossible for me to make. For instance, we have car issues. We have one old car that needs TONS of work and then my car which isn't that old but clearly is in need of work as it eats oil and makes all sorts of mystery noises. But is still in a stage of denial and unwilling to tell us what it needs. The plan was originally to be able to get a NEW vehicle this summer and get rid of the older van for good. But this option creeps farther away each day. So we considered buying a new used...or dumping a bunch of money into the old van to get it safe again...I simply can't commit. Afraid no matter what we do, it'll end up biting us in the rear. 'Cuz that's sort of luck we have!!

But sometimes even littler things make me crazy. Please explain why I agonize over where I want to get a free gift card from with the points I've earned? It's not life or death or anything!!

Feel like torturing yourself with such gut wrenching decisions?? Just leave me your email (or email it to me) and I'll send you an invite to this program. I've been with them a couple years and have earned a few hundred dollars in gift cards for clicking on emails and doing my normal online shopping.


  1. I love free gift cards....send me the invite, please!

    I sat for hours one night agonizing over which 50 free prints to order from Shutterfly. They were FREE. It really didn't matter if I picked the very best ones or not. I kept telling myself that as I sat here, but it did no good at all.

    Oh, and my daddy always said that it's better to buy a good used car because the value of a new one drops so much from the second you drive it off the lot.

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I do the same thing!!! I almost think it's a mama thing since my hubby has no issue whatsoever deciding what to spend money or "points" on. I sit and try to think about what I need the most and what gift card can get me what I want. I'd love to see the invite you're referring to.

  3. Send me the invite!
    I know of a good van... my brother ended up not being able to take it overseas with them so it's here for sale. It's just in Utah. LOL


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