Feb 23, 2010

Your 15 Minutes of Fame

They say we all get 15 minutes of fame. Have you gotten yours?

If not, then I have your chance to possibly grab it today. Hyundai and Glamour Magazine are partnering to search for a series of moments from real moms (that's you!) to create Reel Moments on Hulu, where Hollywood A-List women get behind the camera and direct a short film for their first time.

Each short film is inspired by real stories and YOURS could be next! Those selected will actually get to meet and consult with A-List directors to get their stories told. Hyundai and Glamour are now collecting stories for their next round undefined of short films, and you should DEFINITELY enter here, now!

Personally, my life typically feels like the stuff cheesy sitcoms are made of! Like going intoa the blcak light mini golf place to find the black light makes the spit up, I'd thought I'd cleaned up well is now VERY visible. Or having my preschool yell in his biggest outdoor voice for the entire McD's playland to hear, " Mom, my weinie's hard!! Mom, I think I need to go potty! My wienie's hard!" Or having my eldest son barge into the bathroom while I was using a feminine product to ask me, "Why are you putting THAT in your weinie???" Or when I tried to explain that I do not in fact have a wienie, be informed that I DO have weinie, but it looks like a butt.

Ah, yeah, life as the only girl in the house!!!

Hyundai and Glamour Magazine, along with JuiceBoxJungle, are sponsoring me to write about a poignant parenting moment with hopes that a big A-List Hollywood star will direct it on the big screen, like this short film Kate Hudson did with Glamour Reel Moments. You can enter too at http://glamalert.com/reelmoments/ !


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