Feb 8, 2010

a holiday or something?

So I hear there's some sort of holiday or something this weekend? Have you heard about it? I guess some people celebrate it by doing something romantic, which is something I recall very little about.
I think I've been romanced...at some point in my life. But that was before marriage...maybe even before my husband...
When I ask him about his lack of romantic "skills" he only tells me, he used to be romantic, until other women beat it out of him.
How lucky for me! But, alas, he is the one I chose to be with...for better or worse...romantic or not.
So we will be spending the super romantic Valentine's Day in traditional romantic fashion. I'll be attending church, most likely along so that I can attend a meeting after service.
And he'll stay home and finish up any last minute details for our ultra-romantic NASCAR get together. You see we have a new HD TV.
That means the Daytona 500 will be in awe inspiring high definition that he must share with someone who appreciates such things. So while he and his niece's husband drool over the amazing detail of the picture, I'll try to occupy my monsters sot hey don't block the screen, hopefully with some help from his super sweet niece.

Nothing says romance like NASCAR!



  1. Don't feel bad. My hubby isn't real romantic either! :( But I chose him, just like you said. Oh, well! I say do a little something sweet for yourself. And since you go to church, I can say this... I thought to myself this morning, that maybe, I'll just let Jesus romance me on Sunday. How can I possibly feel bad if I do that?! ~Lanie

  2. lol love the sarcasm hahaha xoxo Megan


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