Feb 8, 2010

Mommy Brain

If you're a mom, you know what Mommy Brain is. I used to call it preggo brain because the loss of ability to hold a thought is astounding during pregnancy. And I kept holding out hope that it would return, in its entirety at some point post partum. Unfortunately, it has NOT.
I will say, it got better, thank the Lord, or I likely would have lived out the dream every expectant mom has of forgetting where she left her child. (Come on, you know you all had that dream! Right?)

Thankfully, I never did actually lose my children. But I've lost just about everything else. I think I can literally count the items (of importance) I've lost in my life time, before having kids. Since having kids, I've spent an entire week convinced I'd lost my cell phone and would never see it again. Then eventually found it under my seat in my van. Because of my tendency to forget or misplace my cell, I hadn't become very dependent on it. Until this year. Despite having the lowest of the low tech phones, it DOES have a calendar in it and with the increase in activities my kids (and I) are involved in. Hoping I could remember something until I got home was simply not an option anymore. So these days I sit, pecking away at my phone, three and four times per letter thanks to the basic numeric pad I have to enter things in to the calendar. It leaves little room for additional information (ie location or things I need to bring) but at least it helps me not double book myself....most of the time.

I'm hoping to join the world of smart phones very soon. Oh the joys of being able to update my facebook status while waiting for basketball (or soccer or tball) practice to be over. Then I'll just have to tether my phone to my body somehow, like a bank chains down their pens so I don't forget my lifeline at home anymore!!

Verizon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the ways my smart phone affects my life as a parent.


  1. I am ALWAYS losing something. Always. I definitely know what you mean about Mommy Brain. Mommy brain......ummm....what was I talking about???? lol

    Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  2. Oh, to join the ranks of smart phone carriers, and losers, no, I mean users!!
    My 3 yr old recently starting losing it (too close to nap time) starting to scream "oh, no! My pencil! Where's my pencil?! I lost my pencil!!" Yep, you guessed it, the one in her hand...
    It's already starting, and we haven't even gotten her married off yet :-)


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