Feb 4, 2010


Bare Escentuals wants you to Rethink the Need to Find Yourself.

They have some questions to get you started (re)thinking.
Finding myself in some ways is totally easy. I am in love with being a mom. Sincerely my kids make me crazy some days and while I need a get away once in a while I truly ache if a day goes by that I don't see their faces. My family is my greatest joy EVER.

But finding myself, outside of being a mom, that's taken a long time. I have had the passions for a long time. But I guess I didn't have the courage or belief in myself to go for it. Now all I need is a little more TIME to persue my passions. I have a passion for photography. But I also have a deep passion to help people, specifically I have the desire to work with teen pregnancy. But it seems day by day I find other things I'm passionate about like making a difference in my community and at my kids school.

If you have a passion that you aren't working on, I'd like to encourage you to do so. I know that I'm not THE BEST photographer in the blogging world, maybe not even the best that will read this post. But aside from really learning to use my camera the one thing I've learned that took me from a person who takes photos to a photographer was getting over my fear of what others would think. There was a time when I could 'see' a cool shot but wouldn't want someone to walk by and see me attempting it. When I stopped carrying what people thought, I took a trip to the botanic garden and stopped and took shots that might have gotten me some odd looks (I don't know, I tried hard not to pay attention to others) but I walked away with some shots that are still my favorite architectural shots. It's amazing what a difference simply stepping out from behind the fear of failure or judgment.

If you haven't found your passions, or gotten the courage to follow them...maybe you could start by heading to RethinkWhatMatters.com!If you want to get even more involved, use #rethinking to chime in on the conversation on Twitter!


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  1. Great thoughts, Lisa! Cute blog. I love little boys :)!!


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