Feb 1, 2010

What on, or NOT on your mind?

Kodak and JuiceBoxJungle want to know what is and isn't on the minds of moms today.
They're asking what are your top 3 and bottom 3 things on your list of things you spend time thinking or worrying about.

My Top Three:
  1. MONEY. I should probably worry about it less because I really have learned that since we've committed to giving back regularly, we haven't really ever gotten into a crisis. But things are tough, at times very tough but we have a roof over our head, heat in the cold IL winters and food to eat and almost always, plenty of it! But some day I'd love to not live paycheck to paycheck like this.
  2. SAFETY. Sadly, this is a real and present concern in our neighborhood. I wish I could simply know that we're doing the best we can to stay safe and let go of the worry. But every time I start to get the slightest bit complacent, something happens to shake me back to reality.
  3. FAITH. I wish I could say that I have it all right. That I read my bible every day etc and that this is how this makes it to the top 3 in things I think about. But its more about how much time I spend dwelling on what I've done wrong. The guilt I feel for how I speak to my children when I know that really they aren't MY children. They're children of God, with whom I've been entrusted to care for.
My Bottom Three
Well that's a lot harder to think of the three things you think about the least...sort of an oxymoron.
  1. FASHION. I'll just be honest and say I often leave the house looking a wreck. A good day for me is one where I've remember to brush both my teeth AND my hair AND my clothing shows no signs of stains. Before having my third child, I at least took solace in the fact that my KIDS were always well kept and dressed and figured this really spoke more of my character than my own appearance. Then number 3 rolled around and some days its a wonder everyone has clothes ON when we leave the house. I often get places to discover someone has the remnants of lunch on their shirt or face. Or that they jeans they're wearing are a size to small or holey play jeans I had no intentions of letting them wear out of our yard.
  2. POLITICS. Ok maybe its really not in my bottom three but its something I make, next to no time for. Most of it hurts my brain to attempt to delve into. And to be honest I feel its almost pointless to learn what a politicians stand is on anything because if their lips are moving they're lying anyway.
  3. VACATION. Ok this is probably an outright lie as I spend time day dreaming of getting away. But its been over three years since I've gotten to spend a moment actually planning a family vacation and that just makes me sad! :(
So what about you? What are your top and bottom three??

Disclaimer: blog post sponsored by Kodak and JuiceBoxJungle

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  1. Not sure why I haven't started following you already...good stuff!!

    My top 3 -- safety, education and future success of my boys. Hands down, those are it. More so since I home school, and feel like the Education and Future Success fall squarely in my lap. Safety because we live in Brazil, and while in a very "first world" location, still, it's not home.

    My bottom 3 -- money. Not 'cause we're filthy rich, we're not, but 'cause I've lived through poverty and know it's not the worst thing to happen to a kid. Health. Because we're blessed with relatively good health, it doesn't find it's way to my radar often. And food/healthy eating. Again, blessed with good eaters, this is just not something I fret over.

    Interesting questions -- I really had to ponder.


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