Mar 2, 2010

KeyLime Cove Waterpark

As the snow continues to come down here in IL, we were getting a little cabin fever in our house.
It's been three LONG years since we've gotten to take a vacation and it SEEMS like its been that long since we've been able to play outside and run off some energy. So we took advantage of some deals at KeyLime Cove ("TV Special" and a facebook fan code) and packed up for a night.

We arrived around 5pm on Friday. It was pretty busy (my husband said an employee told him they were totally booked) but there were still tables in the water-park and plenty of room in all the pool areas. We spent about 3 hours Friday night in the water-park )before retreating to our rooms for some snacks I'd brought along.) The water park wasn't quite as big as I'd imagined. But it had an activity pool, with 6 or 7 basketball hopes in it. A large water playground (shown in the background of the first photo below) with several slides of variety sizes for kids. Plus tons of water guns and buckets to be dump on an unexpecting passerby. And of course the huge pineapple that dropped 250 gallons of water every so often!
They had 4 large water slides which none of us tried out, including 'the toilet bowl' which my brother in-law had tried on a previous trip and assures me was a ton of fun.
And a small lazy river that runs through a wave pool. The older boys LOVED the lazy river!! (Bryan wasn't comfortable in an innertube so he couldn't go.) And they ALL loved the wave pool. I spent MANY hours hanging with Bryan in the wave pool. (And I can still feel it my shoulder!)
They also had a small area, secured in a gated fence, with smaller wading pools and small slides.
And last but not least a large hot tub. I didn't make it in but my husband testes it out and assures me it was awesome! Maybe next time!
Saturday we were in the pool just after it opened at 10am and stayed until almost 6pm. The boys were all exhausted. Mission accomplished. Had fun, burned LOTS of energy and I think we may just be able to make it until the weather gets better now!!!

Edited to Add: Someone asked if my boys are good swimmers and if I thought KLC was a good place if they weren't. My boys can NOT swim. I guess I didn't get any photos of them in their life jackets but they were in life jackets the entire time, as it gave all of us some added security. But at 6 and 7 years old, the older boys could touch the bottom of any of the areas were in. I would say that I am a very nervous mom when it comes to my kids and water but once the boys thoroughly understood my boundaries (so I can see them, I have this issue water or not) I was really able to relax and just watch them have a good time. Because Bryan was happiest in the wave pool and that took some hanging on to him, I was a little sore from that but I was pretty confident that the older 2 were fine.

Here are a few photos of our fun. I didn't take many as I focused on just spending the time enjoying each other....



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We went to something like that here at the end of the summer called Coco Keys. The kids had a blast and every time we got Kira in the Lazy River she would fall right to sleep on whom ever was holding her at the time. I wanted to go back this winter but it hasn't worked out yet lol. Glad you guys had a good time!

  2. I've always wondered what that place is like - thanks for the review! We usually head up to the Dells.
    Do your boys know how to swim? That is my struggle with waterparks, as mine are not strong enough swimmers for me to not worry about them. And we have one more boy than you, so that's even tougher.

  3. hey, wanted to tell you im following your blog. maybe you would follow back?


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