Mar 15, 2010

Learn something new everyday

**Just realized that this post I wrote a week ago, thought I's go ahead and post it anyway....

They (yeah, I' still trying to figure out who THEY are too) say that you learn something new everyday. I've found that is especially true since becoming a mom. However, there are something thing I really could have gone my whole life without knowing!!

You see, somehow I managed to skate through my own childhood without knowing what pink eye, Strep or ringworm were all about. But thanks to my children, now I am wiser. The boys were just a couple days old when we experienced pink eye. Unfortunately, I didn't know that's what it was until I mentioned the something to the babysitter and she kicked us out, politely of course and told me what it was!
Then last year brought our first experience with Strep. And to add to the fun, they shared with me so I could truly sympathize!
And now this week we've learned all about ringworm. And for those who haven't yet had the "pleasure" rest assured it has nothing to with any worms. It's just a fungus.
Luckily, it doesn't bother him at all.
Yeah, this motherhood thing has definitely taught me a lot!



  1. Some of these things, I wish I were still ignorant about!

  2. hahahahah!

    We've had it all, impetigo (it's nasty), herpengina (this is not sexual)....

    i've been to the ER about 8 times...

    ahhh, boys!!!


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