May 6, 2010

If a picture's worth 1000 words....

If a picture is worth a 1000 words...what do you think that makes a video worth?

I'd say they're pretty darn priceless.  I really wish I'd have been better about having video of my kids when they were really little.  I'm not the type to enjoy endless hours of video from every birthday or holiday, but I LOVE small clips that really capture who are kids are.  Unfortunately, it wasn't until my older boys were several years old that I had something that made it easy to capture video.  I'm still not very good at remembering to get great memories on video.  But I do have a few that are totally priceless.  Timmy is quite the ham when its in the privacy of our own house but as of yet has not been able to bring himself to show his true character in front of others.  But I guess that's part of why these two video clips are the absolute best!!

Bryan and Johnny are a little less shy around other people but a lot harder to get on camera. Here is one video that makes me giggle of Bryan.

I'm trying to get better and managed to catch one of Timmy's first days riding his bike on video but never remember to do video at their games and other events.

How are you at capturing memories on video???

Canon has released the PowerShot SX210 IS, which combines the ability to take great photos & also shoot high definition video. Canon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and talk about what shooting video means to my family.


  1. I love how photogenic he is!

  2. Those videos are so cute! I take videos often, but the girls never do whatever I'm trying to capture when I pull out the camera. Like if Jordan has a new phrase or funny dance, she doesn't do it for the camera. But I try!

  3. Following you back! Thanks for the follow! Sorry it took me a day! I was gone all day! -Janel


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