May 6, 2010

Thank You Mom Reunions from Proctor & Gamble

Thank You Mom Reunions” will bring together 105 moms with their children, who are unable to do so on their own. (15 per month for a 10 month campaign.)

How You Can Win a Thank You Mom Reunion:
  • Entrants must submit a 100 word essay describing why they’d like to be united with their mom.
  • Consumers vote for their favorite entries.
  • 15 winners will be chosen every month through November.
  • Winners will also receive a portable digital video camera to capture their reunion and are encouraged to share the video on

I obviously can't be reunited with my mom for Mother's Day.  Well, at least not in a way I could safely return to my own kids.  But I still have plenty to thank her for.
Luckily, I did take the time to tell her, in person before I lost the opportunity how much I appreciated all that she did.  I can't say for certain she heard or understood everything I said but I believe in my heart she knew.
My mom and I went through a whole lot together during my life, from her being a single mom, to the issues of a blended family, to my teen years, to me becoming a mom myself.  Things weren't always perfect between us by any means but she was my best friend.  She was the one I called ten times a day, sometimes just to here someone else's voice, often for help with something.  She was an amazing shopping buddy.  And the best Grandma in the world!  I will miss her very dearly this Mother's Day.


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