Jun 16, 2010

Batter Up!

Monday night officially started the baseball season for our family.  This is the fourth season for my oldest, but first official baseball (opposed to T-ball) and is also my husband's first season as an assistant coach.
They pick a team name by throwing everyone's ideas into a hat and pulling one out and last year they pick Johnny's name, and this year they picked Timmy's name.  So instead of being just the "light blue" team, they are the Blue Rapids!
"Coach" wasn't super thrilled with the light blue color but I think they look GREAT in it.
What do you think???
My Blue Rapids

#4 Johnny

Aren't they cute?

#5 Timmy (I think that's his game face!) 

Not to be left out, Bryan had to get in on the photos

All my guys!!

waiting for their turn to bat



leadin' off




Bryan is VERY much ready to be a big guy and wants to be able to get out there and play.  We HAD to find him one of the boys old hats so he could have a 'bayball hat."   And to keep him from complaining TOO much about how he want to "pay bayball" during the game, I brought a box of his favorites...M&Ms.
After he'd eaten a billion, or maybe it was only HALF a billion, he asked where they went and when he was told in his tummy...he decided the rest should take a short cut.

But then they weren't as enjoyable that way so he went with the ole fashioned route.
But needed to know if they made it to his tummy yet?

After their games we've regularly gone out for ice cream...not sure how much we'll do that this year since their games are ending at or after 8pm.  But we went since it was the first game....

Poor thing, his life is so rough!  I think he had his fill with the M&Ms.


  1. The picture of your hubby and your boys would be a GREAT father's day gift......Cute family you have there.

    Have a great day

  2. those cutie little boys... oh, i wonder what it's like to have three sons.. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy :-)
    thanks for the visit. i'm definitely following you now.



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