Jun 16, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 6

If you've never been on a mission trip and thinking to yourself that you missed your chance, its never too late.  While my experiences were all on "youth" mission trips you don't have to be a youth to go on a mission trip.  First, if you have a love for teens, you can go as an adult leader.  For me this was so much more rewarding because I LOVED seeing the growth in where some already amazing kids.  But there are also many opportunities for adult trips as well.  Our church is planning a trip for adults to Kenya next year.  And even if your church doesn't have a trip planned, you may be just the person to start one up, OR you can always find another group that already has one planned as most are open to include others from outside their immediate church etc.  If you felt called to experience a mission trip, it is NEVER too late.

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for the gospel to be clearly communicated
  • pray for God to use each team member


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