Jun 30, 2010

If You Build It...

So we all know, "If you build it, they will come."

But the question around our area, recently has been, what if you DON'T build it.  And, if the DO come...where are they going to park.

You see there is a new minor league baseball team coming to our neck of the woods, and its partially owned by Kevin Costar, star of the movie Field of Dreams.  The team is called the Fielders, and the dreams of their stadium were impressive.  But due to some red tape issues when their June "home" opener rolled around they had no stadium at all.  They've been playing at a college field a ways away from the location of what was to be their stadium.  But this Friday, they are scheduled to play in their field of dreams.  It's not quite as grand as the plans had been and I'm really not at all sure where people will park.  But we're going to head out and support the team anyway.  We MAY have a few hot dogs too.  Oh and there will be a concert and fireworks.  So assuming we can manage a parking spot and some seats, it should be a good time.


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