Jun 30, 2010

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection book review

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel CollectionWhere's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection
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May 2008 ~ Paperback ~ All Ages

If you are a Where's Waldo? fan than this is a must have book for you. You can quickly flip through the pages to simply find Waldo on each layout OR pull the foldout page out to reveal a list of other hidden items to find for hours and hours of searching! Timmy grabbed this book and went to town finding Waldo and got through about half the book in what seemed like no time at all but then he discovered all the other challenges in the book and now he's spent several days with it. Fair warning though, there is one page one which we simply had to say "let's just call him Waldo and be done." It's a full page of Waldo look a likes and it quickly gave me a headache and when Timmy had asked me several times "Is this him?" and I couldn't see why it wasn't but also could see what made him different from the other zillion look a likes, I gave up! This book is great around the house but I also think it would be the perfect thing to take along somewhere, when your kids have to sit and wait, like the Dr's office etc! Its a smaller format than many of the Waldo books so it would travel easily.


  1. ooooh where do we find one of these!? my grandma still has her Where's Waldo books from when iii was a kid and the girls discovered them at her house a while back and LOVE them! So i definately want to get them this new one :D and how much does it cost too?! lemme know :) xoxo Megan

  2. Megan,
    If you click on the picture of it you can get it online at amazon. Or you can get it at borders if you have one close to you, you can go online and check stock at your local store. If they don't have it you can order it to be picked up in store. Plus if you register with them online I think you'll get a coupon via email for a % off your first purchase.


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