Jun 11, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 1

This morning a team of youth and leaders from our church loaded up and headed out to the airport.  They will be spending 10 days in Panama on a mission trip.
Part of me longs to be with them as I know the amazing experiences that lay waiting for them on this trip!!
But perhaps I will get a chance to go again when my boys are old enough to take those trips.
In the mean time, I will stay back and pray for those who are going as well as for those left at home worrying about them, and of course those that they are serve.
The team has put together a list of prayer requests for each day of the trip, so I will be posting each day until they return, sharing their requests and hoping you will pray right along me.

Todays prayer requests:

  • pray for smooth, safe travel.
  • pray for good team fellowship & unity.
  • pray for us to represent Christ well
  • pray for families to be safe while they are apart.


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