Jun 13, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 3

My second mission trip was to New Mexico.  Unlike my previous trip, the accommodations were not good, the food was sparse and the people we were serving were...unappreciative.  It took us aback at times.  But it also taught us new amazing lessons and built a bond among the group that brings us back together even to this day as if we haven't spent a moment apart.  I'm pretty sure none of us have had or will ever again have the occasion to build our own tee-pee.  And we learned the humility that sometimes, we are called to do work for which no one will say thank you, here on earth, but that the one who truly matters sees, knows and appreciates it!

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for courage to share Christ with words & deed
  • pray for strength and energy


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