Jul 14, 2010

Happy 14th of July!

Ok, so traditionally the 14th of July isn't a big holiday but there is something to celebrate everyday, right?

In fact I looked today's date up and it's actually...Pick Blueberries Day, Tape Measure Day and Corkboard Day and those aren't reasons to party, I just don't know what is!

But actually the reason for my post, is that I just realized I'd TOTALLY forgot to share my 4th photos.  I'd like to keep them as a somewhat unrealistic view of our happy day.  You see it was really a day full of whining, complaining and me being somewhat miserable.  I even went so far as to tell the boys (the older 2) that next year they would mis fireworks all together.

In retrospect they weren't THAT horrible.  They were whiny, and rather unappreciative, at least to my standards but they really didn't do anything wrong aside from that.  So whether I will stick to my decree will have to be seen.  Typically I do!  But when Monday rolled around I figured out some of my reason for being so short tempered as I woke up sick and miserable so I'm sure it was coming on during our attempts to celebrate.

But here are my photos of our Fourth of July, only 10 days late.


  1. No worries.. I haven't posted mine either (Oops!). Your boys are just TOO cute :-)

  2. You're so cute! Those are definitely great reasons to celebrate the 14th! haha.

    Can't view your pics here at work, but i'm sure they're great :) Have a wonderful week!


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